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year of the lucky cat by far-eviler
year of the lucky cat

Because there is no such thing as a Year of The Cat so we need to celebrate that much more! We should advocate making our own magic, creating time for ourselves to be kind to ourselves and much like Tohru Honda, in opposition of exclusion, celebrate empathy and championing the forgotten little strays. Happy year of the Lucky Cat everyone! 

And so ends 12 years of faffing about with my muses, ๓คкє ฬเtђ tђє คгt.  ¡¡¡( •̀ ᴗ •́ )و!!!
year of the ram by far-eviler
year of the ram
I have honestly been meaning to do this since 2014, but y'know Ashamed life.
For the Year of The RAM!


gongxi fa cai (Mandarin) or gong hay fat choy (Cantonese) or gong he fot toy (Toyshanese)
Its the Year of The RAM!
- go check out your horoscope!
year of the horse by far-eviler
year of the horse
Let me explain, no let me sum up. artist block, injury and my hate of drawing horses stopped me drawing new years cards. Saying g'bye to a friend next week kicked my ass into making an artful package of cheeky muses. side note; I've never quite recovered from injure however when the muses strike! Party time 


gongxi fa cai (Mandarin) or gong hay fat choy (Cantonese) or gong he fot toy (Toyshanese)
The Year of The HORSE(S)!
- go check out your horoscope!
Day 28.Zodiac Sign (Wallpaper Version) by far-eviler
Day 28.Zodiac Sign (Wallpaper Version)
revisit, soon to be reRecorded for a differently different project. A little under 12 years in the making. Wonder what it is, hmmm.... Woohooooo! 

30 Day Drawing Challenge
- 28.Your Zodiac Sign


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THIS IS A RE-BLOG FROM AUG 12, 2013 but its a good'un.

Everyone did one of these pics months ago, I forgot to upload mine. This was on my way to the clinic to get injections into my spine, for reasons, with a fancy blouse, leather skirt & machine gun stockings as you do. Check how I own these bitches!! To busy-ness—

Hello kids, I want to tell you a story today, because today is a day where all stories about stories are made true for you. Most especially for my very-est good friend Cassie, who I have shared something magical with. Something that started nearly 10 years ago on the doorstep of my tattoo shop and tonight is comes stealthily to doorstep of unsuspecting viewerships world over. And that's more than a little cool.

This! This however is a story of how I dislike Cinderella. Tonight is "The Mortal Instruments; City of Bones" premiere in LA and I'm missing it, partly because my dress is in London mostly because mys'elf is in New York and a little bit because I am not Cinder-fucking-ella.

I think more than a few people would rally and stress and world-whine themselves up to get to Hollywood "or Bust" and I could do. I really could. But I will sit this one out to stay home and make something special instead. Whinging for "Grand Balls" is over-rated and out of fashion, when Cindy should have just stolen that carriage gotten out of dodge. For real tho, she pinned for a thing she didn't know and hadn't really earned just because everyone else pinned for it too. Maybe its me but that's real fucked-faced, what sort of hoe-y example does that set? And to have your whole future-destiny set on fancy shiney flashy clothing… (don't get me wrong, my dress was Shadowhunter-y, Rachel Freire designer made, better-in-black, bend-you-over-backward-and-smex-you-happy-awesome but still I wasn't going to summon up a demon just to wear it. But yay! Nepotism!)

So, I'm not sitting at home feeling very Cinderella-y as she is my more loathed of the fairy princess, since she is not a fairy or nor a princess at all but a poser! I mean if you're going to have access to magic for one night, really access that magic! She really should have used the pumpkin carriage to overwhelm and go all "Stand-n-Deliver". To rob everyone coming up the highway toward the Palace, use the rat-henchmen as muscle cuz once midnight hit, no one could have identified her and she'd have all teh swag and lived large, maybe even done good with her fortune, become a femme fatale robin hood/pied-piper, a legend in her own right!

THAT would have been magical! THAT is a much better story!

I'm not sure how exactly but I would like to change my story to make tonight magical, for everyone who isn't and is going. I would like to not have anyone pine for something that is ephemeral, so fleeting, like a little ass premiere, in a little ass town, in a little ass theater but instead make it a large ass DANCE!

I'm serious.

It's the one thing I would have done on the Red Carpet. Cassie knows that for sure. Everywhere I go I do a little dance. I dance a bit if I'm happy, nervous, bored, upset, sleepy. Excited, especially excited! So, do a little dance kids, bring that mo-fo Grand Ball to you!

As far as the film, your expectation, your anticipation, your nervousness, excitements, boredom… on the line, in your seat, at home or waiting for a coffee at your local 'not' Starbucks, dance a little. Everything will be fab, I promise you. "Have a little, Faith." 

Ohhhh, yeah! Did I forget to mention that? I just made a "FAITH" Glyph-Rune tonight. I'm dancing over that too! I'd very much like to dance with youヽ(´ー`)ノ

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KizzaKoolKat Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Are you seriously the one that created the Runes for Cassandra Clare? o.O :happybounce: :excited: Cheerleader Sanity is Overrated 
far-eviler Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
yuppers :D
KizzaKoolKat Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Student General Artist
oh my ******* god!!! i am so excited :meow:
i love those Runes so much! <3 <3
writingbubble Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
I was pretty sure I already watched you, because I stumbled upon your rune-desings a year or so ago and I read in the describtion that yours were chosen to be the offical ones, which was pretty cool(congrats by the way in case I haven't already done so :huggle:) so I looked for you in my list, because I wanted to see wether you already designed the rune that clary made in 'city of ashes', but you weren't there... 
shame on me! >.<"
far-eviler Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
no shame, only hugs :huggle:
writingbubble Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
aaw thanks :meow: :huggle: 
and you're welcome! :)
katekalamity Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Hi!! I am absolutely in love with your runes and am thinking about getting one tattooed. If you don't mind me asking, where do you get the inspiration for the runes? Or I guess, are they based on any ancient runes/languages? I just am so intrigued by them.
far-eviler Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks ever so much :huggle:… forever copy+paste comment link because oh, such a loOong process.
manservant-merlin Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
So, I have a question regarding the runes and the official shadowhunter codex that was just released.... They seem to have changed the meaning of a few of the runes from what you originally have posted here to other things... Such as the rune for precision is listed as a rune for calming anger in the codex. Me, being a cosplayer, was rather confused by the whole thing and don't want to have confusing runes on me when I do cosplay... Were you aware that they changed the meaning? If you were, are we going with the codex being the accurate ones? D:
far-eviler Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
Believe you me, I do not have any control over their "Official" anything and I do have 'opinions' about it, that'd I'd happily sit in a pub and whinge about for hours. Alas, as a Cos-Player I'd advise going with theirs simply because if you get into convos with others cos-players who aren't likely to chat me up, or willing to meet me in a pub, they may have words with you.

We'll just have to keep the truth deep in our hearts. in a secret and safe place :huggle:
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